"Excuse me; you want to sell the house? In times like these?"

Yes, we think it's time."

"But real estate is an investment …"

"Yes, we know.“

"And why…?"

"Because we know that it will take time to find the right buyer. "

"And what's the price?"

"Oh, we have an idea: 3.6 million Euros."

"Aha, and you came to this price how?“

"We asked around and learned that the opinions and methods for pricing are very different. The municipality, for example, sets a minimum price that we have to ask for in order not to endanger the property prices. Brokers like to orientate themselves on comparison objects and Vincent van Gogh was always afraid that the few pictures that he could sell during his lifetime were not worth as much as the buyers paid him.

We know that the house has no market price. It is too individual for that, and there is no comparable house on the island.

But it has value, and we have time. And when the right buyer found us, we would like to talk to him!“